Communication & Translations - Karin Weidlich
Teamwork heißt... Mit Sprachen Kräfte bündeln.


Combining resources with languages

Trust a team of reliable independent translators.

Translating correctly requires time and concentration, supported by thorough research and multiple proofreading procedures. If time is short, I work in tandem or in teams that operate in synchronisation in order to draft consistent texts in a short turnaround. Collaboration in a loose network of freelancers minimises overhead costs. This means cost benefits for you, as opposed to working with agencies, which routinely charge a 30% profit margin.

Place your project in the capable hands of a team of full-time, independent translators who are intimately familiar with your terminology and can compile personalised glossaries for you.
Even during availability bottlenecks, vacation periods or cancellations, someone will always be there for you!

For translation into foreign languages I manage an independent team of colleagues, each specialising in a particular field, who are native speakers of the languages in question.